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RPM7 -__ full connector


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The price of connectors RPM7-12SH, RPM7-50G socket or plug full and the like depends on the condition (new or used), as well as on the number of contacts - choose the appropriate tabs!

If you did not find a tab with the number of pins corresponding to your connector, select the "1 pin" tab and multiply by the number of pins in your connector.

Connector prices before 1990., from 1990. -10%, from 2000. -20%

When removing the connector, keep the markings on the housing intact and undamaged. The price of the connector depends on this, since there is a month and a year of product release on the case. All connectors with damaged markings, where the year of manufacture is not visible, are counted as from 1990 onwards. Some, as from 2000 release. You do not have to solder or break the connector out of the board, but carefully cut it along the board, along with a part of the board, and in this form bring or send by parcel to our company.

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new, used

number of contacts

1, 12