Daugavgrivas str.116, Riga
Catalytic Convertors: +371 67408018
Scrap buying: +371 25893855
Removal of equipment: +371 25892225

Buying scrap
+371 25 893855

Metāllūžņu un elektronisko lūžņu iepirkšana un pārstrāde

How the transfer takes place

Shipping by parcel machine

You can also transfer your scrap remotely!

  • Select the products you want to transfer here and enter the information requested.
  • Pack them within 3 days and ship to us by the most suitable parcel machine: Omniva, DPD, Venipak or Latvijas Pasts.
  • Please wait for a message from our manager about the receipt of your parcel to process the transaction. You will receive full payment within 2 days of the transaction!
  • More about the scrap transfer process here.


On-site transfer

It is the fastest way to dispose of different types of scrap. On-site scrap transfer is carried out in three simple steps:

  • Check the prices of specific scrap here.
  • If you would like to transfer scrap without a queue, you can apply for a specific time by clicking on the “Apply for scrap transfer” button.
  • Take your scrap to Daugavgrivas Street 116, Riga and get paid in full within 1 day!