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Celebrating your remote employees is one of the best practices for onboarding remote employees. Celebrate both your new hire’s major accomplishments and minor ones. This can involve achieving their monthly sales goal or finishing their training course. When you acknowledge their accomplishments, they will feel valued and inspired to keep up the good job. Depending on the complexity of the new hire’s function, the maturity of the organization, and many other factors, this time may take a few weeks to more than three months.

Of employees believe that making friends is the best way to get used to a new job. Make sure your new hire understands the company’s bigger picture and how their work aligns with it. Create https://remotemode.net/ an online training document that covers product details or services, industry research, an overview of competitors, and links to any other relevant materials your new hire should explore.

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It might be as simple as a folder on the shared drive at your firm or an intranet website with links to all the necessary information. When your new remote employee has gone through your excellent virtual onboarding course, it’s time to set up the meet and greets. During the new hire’s first week, make sure you set up introductions with your team and other stakeholders around the business. One of the easiest ways to create an excellent virtual onboarding process is by putting yourself in your new hire’s shoes.

More advanced courses become available only after users finish previous courses or materials. Also, users/new hires can only access content assigned to their online learning path. Some researchers recommend extending the onboarding process to at least a year. They argue that this can improve employee retention and make new hires feel more comfortable and valued. The duration of onboarding depends on the complexity of the role, and that should guide you on setting the right period for your company and new hires.

Prepare their set-up early.

As soon as a candidate accepts the job offer, find an opportunity to make them feel a part of the family. Reckitt, the global consumer products company, sends a care remote onboarding best practices package to new employees’ homes before their start date. It’s filled with the company’s products, and a warm note linking the products to the company’s mission.

How do you successfully onboard remotely?

  1. Get everyone on the same page about what's expected.
  2. Set up a dedicated onboarding space.
  3. Make sure the basics are in place.
  4. Introduce them to the team members.
  5. Give them a tour (virtually)
  6. Assign a buddy.
  7. Provide training and resources.
  8. Schedule regular check-ins.

Feel free to also check our blog HR for the sample onboarding plan for new employees. Set your new hires up for success by preparing ahead of time and focusing on communication, feedback, and training. Give your new hires the tools and support they need with our New Employee Onboarding Checklists.

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After each step, you can assign them a series of activities to complete to assess their comprehension of the subject/task. At advanced stages of the training program, give them real work with short deadlines while providing feedback. These actions make it easy to integrate them into the company as seamless as possible.

Onboarding new employees, both in the office and remotely, entails a specific list of requirements. The onboarding process must cover a lot, from administrative areas, such as payroll forms, to computer setup, personal introductions and first assignments. Remote onboarding is onboarding that is conducted entirely through technology instead of in person.