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Buy online Buy select products and services in the Red Hat Store. We are constantly updating these documents to reflect lessons learned in field implementation of these technologies. You’ll find placeholders for incomplete sections and requests for feedback and future contribution. Playbooks are maintained by Red Hat Consulting to assist in services delivery, but we’ve opened these guides to the wider community in the spirit of sharing.

openshift consulting

Helps developers deliver high-quality applications and functionalities in a faster way. To ensure long-term success, we provide training and knowledge transfer that enable your team to use and manage the platform. This playbook helps set up an “all-in-one” node, that has all the infrastructure/services in order to install OpenShift 4. Looking to scale up your business while keeping your DevOps teams happy? Investing in OpenShift might just be your smartest business decision yet.


Red Hat OpenShift is a platform designed to integrate technologies using Docker and Kubernetes. Enterprises can access full control over their Kubernetes environment. Red Hat OpenShift is known for its speed, automation and runtime across any infrastructure. https://globalcloudteam.com/ The best part is that its application supports various runtimes, languages and architecture and makes organizations ready for the future. OpenShift is well-known for offering speed, automation, and runtime for any infrastructure.

Ksolves has been closely working with RedHat to provide best OpenShift consultation. All our customers will get all up-to-date information for a seamless OpenShift experience. For years we have successfully managed OpenShift openshift consulting Projects across all small to large corporations. Ksolves India Limited with 9 years of experience in the industry is committed to helping its clients reach their goals by providing an innovative outcome oriented program.

Crossvale offers several prescriptive solutions to launching your container journey with Red Hat OpenShift.

This article gives developers, architects, and infra-ops engineers a further practical option. You will learn how a container-centric approach from OpenShift can help your team deliver quality software through a self-service view of IT infrastructure. OpenShift is a cloud development Platform as a Service developed by Red Hat. It is an open-source development platform that enables developers to build and deploy their applications on cloud infrastructure. In addition, it is very helpful in developing cloud-enabled services. By partnering with the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Ministry of Citizens’ Services we were granted special permission to use a state of the art Platform as Service called OpenShift.

The OpenShift Administrator should be familiar with Mainframe technologies like LPAR, z/VM and general understanding of the benefits of mainframes and limitations. They work closely with cross-functional teams and bring knowledge of OpenShift and containerization to the mainframe. They should have excellent communication skills and ability to work independently and handle multiple tasks. This role would need to have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues. Move with confidence to a new OpenShift-based architecture that provides autoscaling, automated failover and recovery, and availability and transparency for your business services across the enterprise.

Your Container Objective. Your Container Vision. We Lead the Way.

Your ultimate compensation may vary depending on your geography, job-related skills and experience. For part time roles, the compensation will be adjusted appropriately. These applications must be portable, secure, easy to scale, and simple to manage. Conduct a deep dive of your application to determine the root cause of your performance issues. Provide findings and recommendations for operational and performance improvements based on best practices. We work closely with the Red Hat Business Units , helping them improve their products by providing input from the field.

Here are 4 alternatives to Excel to better suit your unique business needs & scale. Other features can also help your application perform better in the case of failures. These can prevent them from getting overloaded and improve performance during connectivity issues. Organizations are turning to containers and Kubernetes to meet these needs.

Ready for OpenShift?

Release windows open and close infrequently, with code freezes and testing cycles taking months to complete. This way of working threatened our goal of rapid iteration and would have slowed the project significantly. From the start of the project we knew that pursuing a citizen-first digital service in an Agile manner was incompatible with legacy ways of working. Our OpenShift consulting services can help you get in touch with experts to share their knowledge on OpenShift – ideal for the teams aiming to develop applications in the OpenShift platform.

openshift consulting

The Insights Advisor can also help you identify security risks, affected clusters, and steps you can take. Red Hat OpenShift includes everything needed for hybrid cloud, enterprise container and Kubernetes development and deployments. From ideation to implementation to management, IBM Consulting and Red Hat can make hybrid cloud a foundation for business growth and innovation. It allows application development teams to quickly build, deploy, and scale traditional and cloud-native applications.

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Our open source experts work with your organization to implement a cloud strategy to evolve at a pace that works for you. We believe that sharing ideas and building a strategy together is a better approach to your long-term success than following a prescribed plan. Certified engineers with multi-platform experience can architect a best practice solution that meets your needs. OpenShift is a layered system where every layer is tightly bound with the other layer using Kubernetes and Docker clusters. The architecture of OpenShift is devised to support and manage Docker containers, which are hosted on top of all the layers using Kubernetes.

  • Ksolves India Limited is a leading Software Development Company focused on working in high-end technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Salesforce®, Odoo etc.
  • Ksolves Red Hat OpenShift consulting services helps organizations in planning and designing complete OpenShift and ensures the smooth functionally and transforms the overall growth of your business.
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  • To quickly deliver new applications or to containerize and migrate existing ones to the cloud, they need a trusted platform to build upon.