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videforex review

In the Forex and CFD market, a free demo account is readily available at almost all mainstream brokers, without having to make any deposit, which really makes life difficult for VideForex clients. We would prefer the company altering its strategy a bit to develop VideForex as a standalone product, rather than following a template that was established for its binary options web properties. Regardless, VideForex does have a demo account option, and traders can withdraw their money from the broker if they are not impressed with the broker’s products, platforms, or services.

Trade as and when you want – throughout the year, even on weekends. This is the best option for traders who are often too busy and need to fit their schedules according to their needs. Thus, it is clearly visible, the higher you invest, the more trading features you get. And if you have access to more advanced features and tools, your chances of success increase. Once the registration is complete, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone. In addition, to guarantee, traders require login details to track their performances.

Mobile Trading

The platform also offers a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit. However, it is advisable to read its terms and conditions thoroughly before using it. One thing to be noted here is that regardless of what you trade – binary options, Forex, or CFDs, the minimum initial deposit amount will remain the same. VideForex may need to pay close attention to their peers, as currently, a demo account is only offered for verified account holders who make a deposit.

Importantly, it can significantly increase your profit potential. The sleek system makes selecting your financial instrument a hassle-free process. You can get to your choice of currency pairs, commodities, and indices with just a few clicks. Plus, you have access to cryptocurrency pairings and fixed return options. Trading on the platform is straightforward for both beginners and experienced investors.

Different Features by Account Type

This page will ask you a series of questions that will help you customize the platform to your trading preferences and make the withdrawal process more straightforward in the future. The only other costs are the trading fees, which are a part of every platform, so this isn’t exclusive to VideForex. If you’re making a large number of trades each day, then those fees will likely add up, especially on platforms that don’t disclose their fee rates. One of the reasons we like VideForex is because they are transparent about their trading fees, meaning nothing will come as a surprise. Although this trading fee does exist, VideForex often runs promotions where they’ll offer codes to eliminate the trading fee, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Forex Trading?.

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Pocket Option is one of the most popular binary options traders. Although many big scam stories exist around this area, Pocket option remains a reliable broker. But then the broker starts liquidating my positions for no damn reason. And get this, they didn’t even liquidate it to the current price of the option– they just straight up gave me zero dollars for it. And just like that, my account went from a hunnit to a goose egg. I hopped on their little live chat with this dude Theo A, but he wasn’t hearing none of it.

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Downloading the Videforex app is reliable, faster, and accessible. Overall, considering all aspects, this bespoke trading broker is worth trying out. Being a web-based platform, Videforex limits you from using certain system features, like forex expert advisors. Likewise, it also exhibits incompatibility with several other tools and indicators.

videforex review

Regardless, VideForex apps are offered for both iOS and Android devices, in order to cover both the smartphone and tablet users. The minimum investment per trade is $1, but interestingly, the broker specifies a maximum investment limit per trade. We believe that VideForex may be depending on its binary options model for Forex and CFD trading, which should explain the rather strange trading conditions.

Cryptocurrency Trading Details

Yes, but you need to make a deposit first and contact customer support to get your demo account credentials. It’s worth noting this means Videforex is not regulated by CFTC, like most US brokers, which is https://traderoom.info/fx-choice-forex-broker-review/ why you can’t partake in day trading with Videforex if you are from the USA. One of the best features of Videforex is the weekly contests. There is no entry cost, and twenty winners are listed each week.

videforex review

Upon creating an account, VideForex will welcome you with a promo code that you can use to get three to five risk-free trades. However, not all promo codes entitle clients to the same bonus. They usually expire after 45 minutes or an hour, depending on the time limit given to you.