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Variable resistor (potentiometer) PLP-1

The price depends on the value of the nominal resistance (R) indicated on the nameplate (see photo) - select the appropriate tab.

The nameplate must indicate the year of manufacture of the product, others require verification проверки!

There are several resistors in one product - the price increases accordingly.

Additional information

Resistance (R)

R 0,5 кОм, R 0,75 кОм, R 1,0 кОм, R 1,5 кОм, R 2,0 кОм, R 3,0 кОм, R 5,0 кОм, R 7,0 кОм, R 7,5 кОм, R 10,0 кОм, R 15,0 кОм, R 20,0 кОм