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Relay RPS20 - the price depends on the year of manufacture and the product passport - select in the tab.

Year of issue Content (gr.)
all passports up to 12.66 0,12 (Pt)
756, 760, 761, 762, 763 until 12.93. 0,12 (Au)

The markings, month and year of manufacture must be clearly legible. Relays without markings or with damaged markings are preliminarily analyzed or tested for suitability. When dismantling, be careful not to damage the marking of the relay for a more accurate and prompt calculation with you.

The content of precious metals in the RPS20 relay is shown in the table above.

We accept other relays RPS20 relays cheaper

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any until 12.66, 756,760,761,762,763 until 12.93.