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Plastic 155-series and similar


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Microcircuits of the 155 series and the like in a plastic case must be sorted into large (2DIM format - wide) and small size (1DIM format - narrow) and cut for the checking of gilding inside.

Further, the microcircuits of each size must be sorted:
- gold plated plate and partially gold plated pins
- the plate is white, the pins are partially gilded
- no visible gilding

If there is a batch of microcircuits with the same markings, release date and manufacturer, it is not necessary to bite through all the microcircuits.

For unsorted batches of microcircuits, the price is determined by the receiver by taking samples from the batch.

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1 DIM (narrow), 2 DIM (wide)


plate and pins partially, only pins partially, no visible gilding