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Gilded wristwatch, bijouterie

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Gold plated watches and bracelets

The price depends on the thickness of the gold plating and equipment (with or without a mechanism)

Bracelets from watches with a hallmark are assessed as watches without a mechanism.

If the items show signs of severe wear, a discount may apply, and the discount is also applied to massive cases.

Produced in the USSR, the gilded watch cases are marked with two letters "Au", after the letters there were numbers: 5, 10, 20, 25, indicating the thickness of the gold coating in microns. For example: AU10, or Au-20. There are rare markings in the form of the inscription Au-12.5 or Au10 +, sometimes instead of Au10 +, the inscriptions AUX, or Au10 = were put.

There were only markings of the letters "Au", but in a frame in the form of a square or a rhombus, such stamps with a square and a rhombus denoted a gold plating 20 microns thick.

If the watch case has only the letters "Au", no numbers, then the coating will be 5 microns.

Watches and other gilded jewelry (cufflinks, brooches, rings, earrings, chains, pendants, etc.) without a brand are evaluated based on spectral analysis at the time of acceptance.

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"Au5" ("Au"), "Au10" ("Au10+", "Au10=", "AUX"), "Au12,5", "Au20", "Au25"